Dbox 3d workshop course aims to foster both self-confidence and enjoyment of 3d skills.

However Dbox 3D workshop is intensive short course. So you require a certain level of commitment and effort on your part during these workshops.


Photoshop should be the most comfortable software to be a designer for 2D/3D visualisation.  Basically 3D Animation require 2D based maps and material for enhancing realism. This is very optimised photoshop course before you start 3ds max but it is very important to improve capability of editing maps. Enjoyable course. You will learn KEY function of photoshop.

      - Image Editting skills

      - PhotoMontage,

      - Retouching skills.

      - Creating tilable maps


Premier Pro

Level 1 -


3D Modelling  Workshop Program includes :

* Architectural Modelling, 2D cad drawing to 3D model,

* Optimization,

* Format conversion,

* Customizing User interface

* Furniture Design

* Creating Topology from google earth views using Rhino and Sketch-up.

3ds Max

Level 2 -

VRay (for intermediate users)

This is intensive course. So you require a certain level of commitment and effort on your part during these workshops such as fulfilling homework for familiarization of what you learn.

VRAY Workshop Program includes :

* Camera - depth of field, motion blur, key framing for animation,

* Vray Material - applying photo realistic texture using material editor.

* Vray Light - interior lightings, sun settings for day, night and dusk shots

* Vray scene setup - associated with hdri map, sun, camera and gamma settings

* Particle system / Physics - explosion, fume, cloth etc

* QuickTime VR(360 Panorama)



3ds Max

Level 3 -

Animation, Aftereffects

Animation  Workshop Program includes :

* Backburner - how to manage render farm

* VFX(visual effects) - filming, camera tracking

* Aftereffects - major post production software, stitching rendered frame /    frequently used effects

* plus Ableton Live, Premiere - audio effects and mixing



3ds Max