360 Virtual Reality lets you rotate your view of a scene through a complete 360-degree horizontal circle.
Many of our clients use our VR services as online marketing tools and safety training for the Mining Industry. 

DBOX VR service  will offer a brand new watching experience for you. Meet our quality service of Virtual Reality.
- Youtube 360 Video
- Facebook 360
- Stereoscopic 360 Video using VR headset
- QuickTime VR
- 360 Production

Interactive Viewing

This reporting tool is highly recommendable for the design process to decide architectural or interior components in one space such as color scheme, material selection,  variation of joinery, fabric patterns , type of furniture and even switch, wall outlets in detail.

Please check out our portfolio below


Try to click and drag in the image below, it's a VR view!

Hospital - 360 Virtual Tour

Pilbara Yandi Mine 360 Virtual Tour

360 Stereoscopic VR Animation

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360 Virtual Reality
Pilbara Yandi Virtual Reality VR360_2
Pilbara Yandi Virtual Reality VR360
360 Virtual Reality_reception
360 Virtual Reality Residential qtvr
360 Virtual Reality_patient lounge
360 Virtual Reality_kitchen Resident
360 Virtual Reality nusery qtvr
360 Virtual Reality_Consult_qtvr
360 Virtual Reality_Hospital QTVR
360 Virtual Reality_lounge hospital
360 VR_recovery health care hospital
360 Virtual Reality_Health Care
360 Virtual Reality_standard ensuite
360 VR_recovery health care hospital
360 Virtual Reality_office hospital
360 VR_bedroom_health care hospital
360 VR recovery_health care hospital
360 VR utility_health care hospital
360 VR consult health care hospital
360 Virtual Reality_bedroom_qtvr
360 Virtual Reality_qtvr health care
360 VR_bedroom health care hospital
360 Virtual Reality_health care
360 Virtual Reality staff_station
360 Virtual Reality_chemo_qtvr
360 Virtual Reality operating theatr
360 Virtual Reality_qtvr health care
360 Virtual Reality_qtvr
360 Virtual Reality_qtvr
360 Virtual Reality_qtvr
360 Virtual Reality anesthetic qtvr
360 Virtual Reality_dirty utility
360 Virtual Reality_birthing suite
360 Virtual Reality_icu_qtvr
360 Virtual Reality_qtvr